Earn-A-Bike • Program Overview

Bicycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it builds strength and muscle tone, builds stamina, improves coordination, reduces stress and improves heart health. And It’s Fun Too!

St. Louis BWorks’ Earn-A-Bike program is a 6 session, 2 hours per session, class in which students between the ages of 7 and 17 learn basic bicycling, bicycle safety, and bicycle maintenance. The goal of the program is to help students become more aware of safe bicycling and to instill a sense of community and cooperation through bicycling.

Classes place students in teams and small groups in which the bicycle is explored, bike parts and their functions are discussed and demonstrated, techniques are demonstrated that cover safe riding, riding in a group, riding safely on the street, as well as basic bike maintenance.

The bike is explored by sections: breaking components, steering components, drive components as the parts and functions are discussed and demonstrated. The class also introduces good nutritional practices and choices as part of the general health aspects of regular bicycling.

The last session of the class is a group ride through the community where the skills and techniques of riding and bicycle safety are practices and reinforced.

Upon successful completion a student should be able to:

  • name the major parts of the bike and explain the job of each
  • demonstrate how to change a flat tire and repair a punctured inner tube
  • describe the common rules of the road when bicycling
  • name some common safety techniques one should follow when riding on the street, crossing an intersection, riding with a friend, and more
  • be able to explain the importance of wearing a helmet
  • how to check the bike for problems before starting a ride
  • describing some of the weather conditions that make bicycle riding a risk and some techniques to minimize these risks
  • and be able to describe some good nutritional choices that one can make when it’s time to eat or snack