Student Stories from the Bee Hive

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The Unlucky Girls by Adrianna Clemmons

The Unlucky Girls:  One day, on the first day of school, Adrianna, Grace, Daniya, and Bria were nervous.  They were in the meanest teacher’s class ever. Her name was Ms. Johnson. But Ms. Johnson was not there because she hated polka-dots.

War Dawn by Vipul Bansal

Chapter 1: The Bully A show­off bully named Evan entered a contest using hoverboards in 2030. First he hovered 10 feet above everyone else on the ground, and then he went 13 feet forward. After he did that he asked everyone else (about 554 people): “Can you do better than that?” Everyone said “No,” except a boy named Dawn.

Three Girls By Kamryn Macon

“Oh believe me I know,” said Alex. She was living in Arizona at the time and the weather was hot as usual but she didn‛t want it to get colder. Not after the cold front that came last winter. Alex was speaking to her grandmother who was in New York and they were talking about how cold it got that winter. “Yes Grandma. Yes, I love you too. See you in four weeks.

Pinkus And The Magic Pumpkin By Naomi Griffith

It was a sunny day, but Pinkus was still inside. He had to clean out his closet. When he was shuffling through his stuff, he saw something with what looked like it had a face. So, he started digging for it. When he got closer he saw it. It was a glowing pumpkin that had a face on it. It could also talk and understand …

The Jungle Book by Tracy Acres
Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked a book because it was very sweet. All of the animals, prey, and predators loved the boy in the book so much. They took care of the boy like he was their son. Even though he wasn’t an animal, they didn’t care. They wanted him around anyway.

The Adventures Of Blue Sushi by Santania Macon

This is the story about how a kingdom that was run amok with chaos and destruction, became the most prominent kingdom in history. It all began in a Chicago garage.

Cole and Roman’s Adventure in Florida by Cole Franks

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved to go on adventures. His name was Cole and he had a little brother named Roman. Cole was the older brother and Roman the younger brother. Cole was 11 years old and Roman was 8 years old. Roman loved to go on adventures with Cole.

Bees by Lydia Griffith

There was a boy named Tim. Tim was very nice. He was nice because he helped his mom and dad. He helped his friends too. He also liked to clean. One day he had to go to his friend’s house.


The Shadow Man by Xavia

As me and my sister walked down the street we saw a very mean and upset looking man. Good thing he did not us. “What is he doing? Why is he screaming” said Liz. “It sounds like he is saying the Shadow Man.”


Chapter 1 Bored Forever
Until Millions and millions of years ago turtles had nothing to do. They just sat on the beach doing nothing. But one day a sea turtle popped out of the water and said “Why don’t you come visit us in Turtlelania?”