TURTLELANIA! – Maline’s Story

By Maline

Chapter 1 Bored Forever Until …

Millions and millions of years ago turtles had nothing to do. They just sat on the beach doing nothing. But one day a sea turtle popped out of the water and said “Why don’t you come visit us in Turtlelania?” … Click here to open the complete story in PDF.

Dec ’14 Class – Madison’s Story

The Lost Princess by Madison

There was a girl named Sarah. She lived in a candy kingdom called Kandy Kingdom. She is planning a sleepover with her friends for the first time. Her friends’ names are Jenn, Sally and Samantha. Jenn is a sporty girl that loves to wear tennis shoes. Sally is the girly girl in the group and she likes to wear all pink. Then, there is Samantha which is Sally’s twin sister and she likes to wear black and blue clothes and lipstick. They were talking on the phone planning the sleepover. Sarah was very excited about the sleepover. She asked her mom and she said NO. Sarah was very upset. She didn’t know how to tell her friends that her mom said NO. Sarah kept on asking her mom but the answer wouldn’t change. Samantha called Sarah and asked her about the sleepover but Sarah lied to Samantha. Sarah told Samantha that she still can come over. Sarah’s friends couldn’t come over to her house.

Day Two
The next morning, Sarah was very worried that if Samantha finds out Sarah lied to her they would not be friends anymore. A while later, Sarah’s mom got the newspaper and started screaming. Sarah ran to her mom to see what was going on. Sarah asked “What’s wrong?” Sarah’s mom said “ Princess Cotton Candy is missing.” “OH NO” said Sarah. “Who is going to protect the kingdom from Black Licorice warriors?” said Sarah’s mom. Everybody loved the princess. Sarah was so sad when the princess was missing. “ What should we do mom?” said Sarah. “ I have no idea.” said her mom. Then, Sarah’s brother named Sam came in and said “I want some candy pizza.”

Day Three
Early in the morning Sarah knocked on her Mom’s door and said “I have to save the princess.”
“No, it is too dangerous.”
“Mom. I am the only one who has to save her.”
“OK, fine. Tomorrow after school, come home and get all you need then go on your adventure.”
“Thanks Mom. I will miss you.”
Sarah went in her room and called Jenn about the news. “Hello Jenn?”
“Did you hear the news?”
“The princess is missing.”
“OMG” says Jenn.
“And I have to save her.”
“Can I go with you?”
Sarah replies, “Let me tell you my plan, so after school tomorrow I am going home to get whatever I need, then go on the adventure.”
“OK so I can go?”
“Sure” says Sarah.
“Let me text the other girls.”
A while later Sarah was done texting her other friends and went off to sleep.

Day Four
Sarah woke up, got dressed, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and brushed her hair. “Bye Mom.”
“Bye sweetie have a great day at school.”
Sarah headed out the door. A while later Sarah was at school. There were rumors about how Sarah was going to save the princess.
“Good luck Sara” said one girl.
“Thanks” Sarah said.
When school was over, Sarah came home and told her family bye and Sarah had to meet her friends in the alley. “We have to go now, it is getting dark” said Sarah.

To be continued…

The End

Dec ’14 Class – Juliette’s Story

The Point by Juliette

Tennis Ball Centered on the Court

I feel the cool crisp water as it dribbles down my throat every swallow I take. I finish the water and then slowly crush the funnel shaped cup slowly with my hand. As I crush the cup my hands slowly shake and shiver like their cold. That’s really weird considering I’m sweating from the lack of air conditioning in this building. I savor every moment of my break because when I walk back out on that court for that final point it’s game on.

She’s beat me before badly and the score was 5-0. Can you guess who won? Her. I’m going to walk out there and take back my court. I peek out of the curtain and see her sitting on the bench slowly drinking ice cold water from her blue springs branded water bottle. Thats the really fancy water. While she has fancy water I’m drinking warm water from a big water jug sitting behind the courts. I’ve noticed something different about her. I can tell she’s confident. Really confident. I can tell by the way she laughs quietly to herself. I’m going to wipe that grin of herself. Oh, and did I mention she’s one of my best friends? Yeah isn’t that awkward? I walk out there and put a smile on my face.

“ Hey Shirley,” I mumble as I try to keep my breathing under control. As i’m also trying not to pass out from nautiousness.
“ Hey, you ready to play?” she asked.
“ I guess so. What about you?”
“ Yeah sure.You want to do the racquet spin?”
“ Sure.” I spin the racquet on the ground and cover the bottom with the palm of my hand
“ P or D?” I asked.
“ P”
I reveal the bottom of the racquet and It’s D.
“ It’s D. I’ll serve”

We walk to our sides of the court and get in our stances. I’m going to kick her butt, but in a friendly way.

It’s been about thirty minutes and the score is dead tied. I look like I just went swimming in a pool full of smelly hot water. This is it, the last point. The score is 2-2 40-40 and it’s best of five. I slowly turn my racquet over and over in my hand going over in my head, continental grip for vollies, standard for forehand, use inside out and inside in shots as much as possible, go for blood and win . In other words I’m hesitating and stalling. Thats how nervous I am. I step up on the deuce side of the court and line my feet up with the smooth white line. I put my grip in continental and I stare up at my opponent. I throw the ball up in the air, take a deep breath and serve a curve ball across the net right next to the ally. She moves quick and returns a backhand down the line. I move and hit a forehand inside out cross court. She returns a lob and I smash it with an overhead but not as hard as I would have liked to. I forgot to change my grip. That’s why it was weak. I can see the bright green and yellow ball as It travels through the air above me like a failing jet. I get out of no mans land and back pedal to the baseline. She hit’s a drop shot but I’m too quick and I run and hit a backhand cross court by the baseline. She runs around the ball and hits a forehand down the line past and in front of me.

“ AH,” I grunted after I run to the singles line on my right side as she run’s backward.
I hit it over and she hits a short ball. I run to the vollie changing my racquet grip to continental. She returns the ball and I hit a soft vollie and she doesn’t return it.
“ I win, I win, I win!” I run around. I feel overjoyed.
“ Nice job Juliette, you earned it,” my opponent said with a slight frown on her face but still happy for me.

I literally collapse to the ground with exhaustion. I take big deep breaths and stand up. Hard work does pay off, well a lot of hard work, and I mean a lot. All those times I’ve missed family trips and events, birthday parties, and pretty much an entire twelve year old life. Sometimes it is worth it when I win 1st place. Second helps sometimes because It proves I was meant to come to the tournament.

I sprint up to her and shake her hand. She looks pretty upset but it’s worth it.
“ Hey Juliette, I got a new sudoku book. Wanna solve a puzzle with me?
“ Would I? I’d love to! Sudoku’s my favorite game. Let’s go, those puzzles aren’t going to solve themselves,” I gladly say as we sprint up the stairs laughing about how ridiculous we looked when we returned the balls back to each other grunting. I am a hard worker, I am a victor, I am a winner, I am an accomplisher,I am a champion, I am lover of sudoku. I am the marvelous fighter Juliette.

The End

Dec ’14 Class – Evan’s Story

Cops and Robbers by Evan

It was a sunny day in May of 2014. We are at a bank in the middle of the afternoon: there are people standing in line to put their money in the bank. The robbers come in and they’re wearing disguises, but the man at the counter recognizes that they are bandits. He calls the cops immediately.

The police come in, but they’re wearing disguises, too, to fool the robbers. Rob (the first robber) is a little crazy, but Dan (his friend, the second robber) knows that they are actually the police. Dan is a lot older than Rob, and smarter.

Rob says hello to the police officer, whose name is Max, because he doesn’t know the guys are police. He turns around and walks away with his hands behind his back, and before he knows it, the police have put handcuffs on him! Dan gets chained on the leg.

The police take them to jail, saying, “These robbers are too crazy!” The bandits have angry faces and the police laugh. Dan had a plan to escape. He wanted to steal more gems and money from a bank. He waited until the police were leaving, and he secretly stole the key to the jail from the police and escaped with it.

Dan and Rob then went to their next bank. They planned to be sneaky, dressing in disguise. Rob’s disguise was a clown, and Dan was disguised as himself. He was wearing a white shirt with black stripes. Then they stole the gems and money from the vault next to the guy at the counter.

The police were watching the security cameras at the bank and saw the robbery. The police didn’t recognize Dan, but they recognized Rob’s beard underneath his clown costume, so they knew it was him. So the police went to the bank and found them. The robbers walked out of the bank with disguises, but the policeman put his hand in electrified water and shook hands with Rob, which got him electrocuted. He didn’t die, but he got burned on his hand and arm. Then he went back to jail again, and so did Dan.