Pinkus And The Magic Pumpkin By Naomi Griffith

It was a sunny day, but Pinkus was still inside. He had to clean out his closet. When he was shuffling through his stuff, he saw something with what looked like it had a face. So, he started digging for it. When he got closer he saw it. It was a glowing pumpkin that had a face on it. It could also talk and understand him because it said “Hello.” Pinkus was so freaked out he screamed. Then his mom came running in.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Nothing,” Pinkus said.
When his mom left, he got the pumpkin back out.
“How can you talk?” he asked.
“Because I am a magic pumpkin,” it said.
Then Pinkus’ brother came in.
“What are you hiding big brother?” he asked.
“I am hiding a pumpkin that can talk and glow and has a face,” Pinkus said.
“Whoa!” said Paul, Pinkus’ little brother.
“I know, right? I didn’t even know I had it in my closet.”
“Hi, magic pumpkin,” said Paul.
“Hi,” said the pumpkin.
“Listen, Paul. We have to keep this a secret from Mom so she doesn’t find out.”
And so they managed to keep it a secret. When the pumpkin talked, it lit up. When it was time to go to bed, Pinkus would hide the pumpkin back in his closet. In the morning, he would always take the pumpkin to school with him.

The kids would look in astonishment at the pumpkin. When all the kids went to recess, Pinkus would take the pumpkin and sit under a ledge. This went on the rest of the year of school. Over time, the pumpkin became his best friend. He also became more fond of the pumpkin than scared of it. The pumpkin would tell Pinkus jokes and stories of before he ended up in his closet. He said Pinkus’ closet was a portal to Pumpkin Land. He said if his closet broke, all of the pumpkins would die because they would be trapped inside the falling-apart land.

“You’re lucky that your land is still standing,” Pinkus said.
”By the way, I did notice some of my stuff starting to disappear. So now I know where all of my stuff is going.”
By the time they were done talking, the bell rang. It was time to go inside. When he arrived home, his brother came in.
“How ya’ doin’, pumpkin?” he asked.
“I am doing great,” said the pumpkin.
When Paul left, Pinkus said “Can we go into Pumpkin Land?”
“Ya, let’s do it!” the pumpkin said.

So they went into the closet. When they were in Pumpkin Land, a burst of light shined on them. It was wonderful. It was like a scene of greenery. There were all kinds of different pumpkins. Large ones, small ones, and medium ones. They were all doing something and they all had a job. One was growing crops and others were building houses.

“I have to say, magic pumpkin, your houses are pretty awesome,” Pinkus said.

They spent the night in the magic pumpkin’s mom’s house. His mom was probably the nicest pumpkin mom there. The pumpkin food there was good and nutritious. They used pumpkin seeds from their pumpkin houses. They were really good. The next day, they arrived back to Pinkus’ bedroom. Pinkus went to his brother’s bedroom and told him about his great time. They would see him again one day.