Giving kids the chance to dream more — and live more.

The St. Louis Book Works program gives kids the chance to to write and illustrate their own stories, under the supervision of tutor-editors. Through the free eight-week course, they receive guidance on selecting topics, in developing stories and refining illustrations. In addition, our volunteers help with proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

The instruction students receive in the St. Louis Book Works program makes it possible for us to work with students of all levels and experience.

At the beginning of each course, kids make a commitment that they will attend each class. This is a critical part of the experience, as setting a goal and sticking to it instills a sense of responsibility and strengthens the feeling of accomplishment kids have at the end of the course, holding their completed book in their hands and get to share their stories with family and friends.

Workshops are held Saturday mornings, 10:30 to noon. Book Works’ “Library” is open Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7:30 p.m. The workshops fill up fast, and there is often a waiting list, although the list can also move pretty fast because the workshops are year-round.  Regardless, don’t wait for the next one to start before you apply!

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If you would like to learn more about St. Louis Book Works, or if you would like to sign up your child for the program, you are welcome to visit a workshop or e-mail