The Jungle Book by Tracy Acres
Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked a book because it was very sweet. All of the animals, prey, and predators loved the boy in the book so much. They took care of the boy like he was their son. Even though he wasn’t an animal, they didn’t care. They wanted him around anyway.

The girl knew that the boy was in danger because she disobeyed her mom by skipping through the book. She was upset. She wished that she had magical powers to save the boy, because she really liked him, but she thought it was impossible to help.

That night, the girl fell asleep. Suddenly, the book moved like it was alive. It magically opened up and a vine came out. Could it be true? Her book was alive!

She understood that she wasn’t dreaming. She was really in a new world. She was in a tropical rain forest that lasted miles long. What she didn’t realize was that she was in the setting that she was just reading about. A big grizzly bear came up to her and said, “Are you lost?” She said, “Yes. I think so.”

Then she saw a boy around her own age. The boy walked up to the bear and said, “Who is she?” The bear said, “I don’t know.” Then the boy asked, “What’s your name?” The girl answered, “Amanda. What’s your name?” And the boy replied, “Tracy. But the animals call me T.J. for short.”

That’s when she knew she was in the book she read. She started to freak out and get scared. The boy asked, “Are you okay?” She said, “Yes. It’s you! It’s Tracy.” And he replied, “Um, yes.” And she said, “I can’t believe it’s you. It’s actually you. Where am I? How did I get here?” The grizzly bear said, “I don’t know how you got here.” The girl shook her head and said, “Maybe it’s magic.”

The boy asked, “Are you tired?” The girl said, “Yes.” And after a few minutes, she fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning, she went on an adventure with Tracy. She met all of his animal friends. They took a trip through the jungle and went swimming.
At the river, the bear asked if Tracy and Amanda were hungry. They both said, “Yes.” The bear cooked fish, of course, because it was his favorite. The girl had never eaten this kind of fish before, but she liked it. The boy, however, ate it all the time because the bear cooked it a lot. The boy and girl talked a little bit, so that they could get to know each other better.

While they were talking, a man­eating tiger passed by and saw the boy. The tiger never liked humans, so he tried to kill the boy.

But all of a sudden, the girl did have magical powers and stopped the tiger from attacking. And the boy and girl lived happily ever after.