The Shadow Man by Xavia

As me and my sister walked down the street we saw a very mean and upset looking man. Good thing he did not us. “What is he doing? Why is he screaming” said Liz. “It sounds like he is saying the Shadow Man.” Said Jason. It looks like he is coming. “We have to run.” Said Jason. “No my leg hurt from gym.” Said Liz. “Okay, whatever.” Said Jason. By the time we got home mom was so scared. It was upsetting to Jason. “Mom I think I am going to go to bed.” Said Jason. “But why? You have not had dinner. And you still have all your chores to do.” “I’ll do them on Monday” said Jason. “Okay, go to bed.”

As I went to bed I only got 6 hours of sleep. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning trying not to think about what we saw. Maybe he just wants something. I went back to sleep.

The next morning mom woke me up early. I was very crabby “I had a very bad nightmare. It made me cry.” Said Jason. Mom had made us bacon and toast. Then I when up to my room to get my backpack and I heard something. It was the same voice but I could not understand what he was saying. But all I knew was it grew louder and louder. Mom would never care really if I told her. It’s like I am talking to the back of her head. But I had to tell her. “Mom, mom look there!” “What am I looking at?” “The man.” “There is no man. That is it. Your tricks are getting old. You need to stop with theses tricks.” Then I had to go to school. I hated going to school. I had no real friends but my sister. And everyone who said they’re my friends are not my friends. My mother is friends with everyone’s parents. So we had to play with them and they were so boring. Everyone always talked about how big our house was. All we did was go in every room we had already been in. It was so boring. Mom could see it was very boring, but she still loved for us to play with kids.
It was about to be time for lunch. We had to eat outside because it was warm. We heard the man again yelling “Shadow Man!” And then we ran and played on the playground. Then we tried to find him, but all we saw was a shadow, not a person.

“But why does he like us and why does he keep following us?” “He’s so weird I can’t take him anymore.” “Let’s walk up to him and tell him to stop bothering us.” So then they tried to chase him, but he kept on disappearing.

It made them so mad. So they just ran back to where they were having lunch. They tried telling their mom, but she was still very upset that they tricked her, or whatever.

They knew very well that she was going to be at bingo night trying to win an even bigger house. It was weird. We already have one of the biggest houses in the city.

“Bingo has always been pointless to me,” said Jason. It has always made us so mad, she was never home. Good thing we were friends with the chef. He always knew what to tell us. But this time, all he said was, “Time for dinner.” Then he left to eat dinner in the living room. He was always on top of the rules, but this time he was not.

“It’s so weird. No one cares anymore,” said Liz.

“This is crazy. Look what the Shadow Man, or whatever, is doing to everyone.”

“Let’s just go,” said Jason. “Go where?” said Liz. “To find mom.” said Jason.

Chapter Two: Finding Mom

“OMG, how could mom just bail on us like that? It’s all just so crazy. Mom loves us, right? Well, she has to set us free,” said Liz.

“This is not the notebook man,” said Jason.

“Come on, let’s watch TV, kids,” said the chef. “No. It’s night time and we need a flashlight.” said Jason. “For what?” asked The Chef?

“So we can find mom.” “OK.”

As they set sail to find their mother, they ran into the dark and scary Shadow Man. This time his eyes glowed with a brown and white color. And they both saw their mother in the Shadow Man’s eyes. He was just trying to lead them the wrong way so he could be friends
with them. But they did not like that idea, so they went the opposite way to find their mom. But that made him very upset. So he starting chasing them, so they had to run faster. And he ran slower. It was just so weird.

“I could not believe my eyes,” said Liz. “We were running so fast, it was like we’re going through a portal or something.”

“He is in front of us. Run around him!” “Which way?” said Jason.

“Left side,” said Liz. “Let’s go!”

They went left. And saw the Shadow Man. He was eating Burger King.

“That was weird,” said Jason. “I never thought I would meet a ghost that eats meat.”

“What is that?” asked Liz. “Meat? Why don’t we eat that stuff?”

“Because of mom.” “What did she do?” asked Liz. “Everything,” said Jason.

“What does that mean?” said Liz.

“She’s the real monster. When was the last time we really made friends? Never.” said Jason.

“Good point,” said Liz. “Why does she do us like that?” “Hold on, I see her,” said Liz. “You see who?” “Mom.”

“Is that you all?” said Mom. “Yeah mom, it’s me,” said Jason.

“Finally, I saw him.” “Yeah, so did we.” “Great.” “No, we have no protection. Maybe we should just talk to him to see what he does?”


“Hey Shadow Man, oh Shadow Man!” yelled Jason. “Oh man, he didn’t come.” said Liz. “Oh well, let’s go home,” Jason said sarcastically. “No, come on.”

“Yeah, no you all have fun with that.” Chapter Three: Talking to the Shadow Man

“Maybe we could ask him if he would like to come to our house and have tea and talk,” said Jason sarcastically.

“Stop it Jason,” Mom said very upset. “Why would you be so stupid right now?” said Liz to Jason. “Shut up. Why are you so mean to each other?” said Mom. “We are looking for some Shadow Man or whatever. Come on,let’s go look. I can see him,” said Jason. “He is over there.” “OK kid,go get him. I’ll be over here, doing nothing…” “Never mind. We’ll all go.” “OK, found him.”

“Well now I can go home,” said Jason. “Bye peeps.” His mom said, “If you go home you will lose 100 dollars from your $30,000.”

“Whatever,” said Jason. “One, two, three…” said Liz. “Uh, OK. I’ll
stay. Come on, we have to go now to find the Shadow Man before he gets too far.” “No, let’s split up.”suggested Mom.

“Uh, no mom, have you ever watched a scary movie?” said Jason. “No. What happens?” said Mom. “Nothing good!” said Jason.

“Wow, well maybe we can never be apart again.” said Mom. “Yeah, no that is not a good idea” said Jason and Liz together. “How about we’ll just go home and play pool? Okay, let’s go”

Jason said. “No” said their mom. “I know I can be bossy. I know I’m not the nicest, but we need to go find him and put a stop to this.”

“Well, that was not hard. We found him.” said Jason. “Just let them be.” said Mom. “The kids took something that’s mine” said the Shadow Man. “Ah, that thing…well, you can have it back. It’s just a stupid watch” said Jason. “Okay, it is in my pocket. Okay, here you go.” “Thanks. Where is the picture?” asked the Shadow Man. “Ah, it’s still in my pocket. Here,” said Jason. “Thank you.” said Shadow Man.

“Do you want to come back to our house and play my Xbox?” Jason said to the monster.

“Sure!” said Shadow Man. “That will be fun.”