The Unlucky Girls by Adrianna Clemmons


Adrianna is a nine year old and is smart.
Grace is a nine year old and smart and a trouble maker.
Daniya is a nine year old and is smart and silly.
Bria is a nine year old and smart and ask a lot of questions
The sub is a mean teacher.

The Unlucky Girls

One day, on the first day of school, Adrianna, Grace, Daniya, and Bria were nervous. They were in the meanest teacher’s class ever. Her name was Ms. Johnson. But Ms. Johnson was not there because she hated polka-dots. Instead, they had a substitute teacher. The substitute teacher gave them a lot of work just like Ms. Johnson. The substitute hollered at the class just like Ms. Johnson.

At lunch I sat with Daniya. I told Daniya that we had to do something. Daniya said, “Like Valentines Day cards?” I said, “No silly” and slapped her with my corndog. I told her that we had to do something about The Sub. That’s when Grace walked over to the table and yelled “Food fight!”. Then, The Sub burst in and gave all of us detention. We had tried to tell The Sub that we did not instigate the food fight. We went to PE and The Sub told the teacher that we were not allowed to participate. We were very upset that she ruined our day.

Then it got worse. Zoey’s mom came and brought cupcakes for her birthday and we didn’t get a lick of icing. Then it only got worse from there because The Sub was our detention teacher. She made us separate from one another. We left our coats in the classroom and The Sub didn’t let us get our coats. It started pouring down rain and The Sub made is walk home and we got all soaking wet.

The next day it was even worse. The Sub was there again. This time, The Sub took everything out of our desks and threw it in the trash. Bria did not even notice a thing. Bria asked, “Why did she throw our stuff out?” Bria had left early yesterday and wasn’t at lunch and she didn’t know. So we explained that Grace had gotten us in trouble and we had detention, no cupcakes, and no PE. Bria said, “Why?”. We told her it was over the smack of a corn dog. Bria got really mad and went to Grace’s desk and drew all over her face. The Sub caught Bria and gave her detention for a week. Bria asked why she had detention for a week. The class said, “Because you drew on Grace’s face with permanent marker!” Grace said, “Did you really put permanent marker on my face?!” Bria said, “No, it’s only Crayola.” Then Bria looked at the marker and said, “THIS IS A SHARPY! I USED THE WRONG MARKER!” she started running around the room and got detention for another week. Bria hated detention especially when she had detention by herself.

It got worse when the Principal canceled all the music, PE, art, and library classes. So all day we were in our classrooms doing work. At the end of the day I told Bria and Daniya to come to my house because I had a plan. Just before we left, The Sub caught us talking to Bria and gave Daniya and I detention for two weeks too. When The Sub left to get a cup of coffee we snuck out of the window.

We went to Daniya’s house instead of mine so that The Sub couldn’t catch us. I told them my plan to act like we were sick so we wouldn’t have to go to school. The next day we were at home and put our thermometers up to the light bulb. Then when our moms came in we put the thermometers back into our mouths so it would look like we were sick. Daniya forgot to do the plan and Bria didn’t do it right so they both had to go to school.

After school Bria and Daniya came over to my house and told me that they had a party in the class and I was not there. They saved me some cake and ice cream but it was all melted.

The End

Thank you Daniya, Grace, and Bria