Three Girls by Kamryn Macon


“Oh believe me I know,” said Alex. She was living in Arizona at the time and the weather was hot as usual but she didn‛t want it to get colder. Not after the cold front that came last winter. Alex was speaking to her grandmother who was in New York and they were talking about how cold it got that winter. “Yes Grandma. Yes, I love you too. See you in four weeks. Bye.” Alex was going to two other states and then to New York. Her grandmother was sick and needed someone to take care of her.

“Mom, Grandma is sick and she needs someone to take care of her!”
” No Alex, I will not let my only daughter go on an airplane by herself!”
“Then come with me.”
“Well I‛m leaving whether you like it or not!” And she was leaving, in fact, she was going to plan her trip to California, Florida and then to New York. So it was decided (by her and herself only) that starting April 29th she, Alex, was going to fly on a plane. Not only was it her first time flying, but she was also a little scared.


All too soon April 29th came but it was too late to turn back now. “Bye Mom, bye Kriss,” she yelled, walking out the door. Kriss was whimpering as if she was saying, “No! Please don‛t leave me with her!”

Alex made her way over to her car, turned the key in the ignition and was off to the airport. “I‛m scared” was all she could think or say. Needless to say, she made it to the airport, parked the car, popped the trunk and got out of the car. Pulling her suitcase behind her, she walked up to the front desk and asked where the 8 ‘o‛clock flight to California would be. The agent merely put her finger up as if she was checking for information but Alex knew better. The agent was really pointing at the big lit up wall with all the flights for that day. Her eyes scanned for California. It read:


“Well, thank you then.” said Alex with forced politeness, but the agent was already clicking madly on her computer again. Alex found the seat closest to Gate A, pulled out her laptop and headphones and of course, started listening to music. While waiting, she wondered what it would be like on her first airplane trip. After three hours or so, a booming voice from overhead said that the eight o‛clock flight to California was about to depart. Everyone rushed to get on the plane.


It seemed like no time, but soon she heard the crackling voice on the intercom saying they would be landing in about two minutes. She packed up her computer and waited. “And we‛re landing,” said the pilot. “Wow, California. I can‛t believe I‛m here!” she said aloud to herself as she was getting off the plane, heading to get her luggage and hailing a cab to her hotel. She put her suitcase on her bed and headed out to the beach where she found a girl crying.

“What‛s wrong?” asked Alex.
“Oh, nothing unless you count getting kicked out of the house, losing all your friends and having no money something,” she said and burst into tears.
“Okay-er- uh well let me ask you a few questions about yourself.”
“Um, what‛s your name?”
“T-T- Tara,” she said still crying
Do you have a job?”
“ Had a job.”
“How old are you?”
“How would you like to be my “roommate”?  ” Alex said ‘roommate‛ with air quotes because she wasn‛t planning on living in California.
“Sure, but what‛s with the air quotes?”
“Because I‛m not planning on living in California for a while.”
“Well, how long are you planning on staying?”
“About two weeks.”
“And where to after that?”
“And where to after that?”
“New York.”
“And after that?”
“Nowhere, I‛m staying in New York. Now do you want to come or not?”

So they bought the plane ticket to Florida and New York and went to the hotel. It was very surprising how fast two weeks went by.


In no time they were boarding the plane and were talking and Alex broke the nice flow of conversation to be serious no matter how silly it sounded.

“Listen, Tara,” said Alex “Sometimes, I can move things with my mind.” Even as she was saying it she knew it sounded silly
Explain,” said Tara, a little impatiently.
“Well, I just sit on the couch or something and think about moving the remote and it just kind of floats in my hand.” Alex knew Tara wouldn‛t believe her.
“Excuse me passengers, but we will be landing in Florida pretty soon,” said the pilot.
“Alex, please tell me you‛re really tired and not super magical,” said Tara with a worried tone
“Nope, I‛m super magical.”
“Okay well, now that you mention it, I have a weird power too.”
“Really? What is it?” asked Alex with eagerness through the roof.
“Well, sometimes I can…”
“Excuse me passengers, but we are landing…”
“Oh my goodness! Can I speak without being interrupted every five minutes?” yelled Tara, obviously very annoyed.
“Hey! Calm down lady!” yelled a man from the back of the plane.
“Please be quiet,” said Tara in an obviously fake voice that was, Alex had to guess, supposed to sound sweet.
“Ok, you got it,” said the man although it sounded like he was in a trance.
Tara sat down, although she didn‛t realize she had stood up, turned to Alex and said, “Well that‛s my power.”


They got off the plane and and got their luggage and went to their hotel. ”Man, it‛s dark out there,” said Tara.
“Yeah I know, I could barely see my hand right in front of my face.”

Again, the two weeks went by way too fast but, like Tara, they met a girl who had
been kicked out, was sixteen and needed a friend. So all three of them went to the airport and flew to New York. “Listen, Holly,” said Tara, we know this sounds silly and stupid but the both of us have magical powers.”

“Sure you do,” said Holly, trying not to laugh while talking.
“Seriously, we do,” said Tara defensively.
“Yeah watch. Pull out your phone,” said Alex.
“Okay.” Holly pulled out her phone and set it on her lap.
Alex cleared her mind and only thought about moving the phone and sure enough the phone rose a foot or two in the air.
“Okay, now I know I can trust you.”
“What?” said Tara and Alex together.
“Okay, I can see the future.
Another “What?” came from both Alex and Tara.
“I‛ve never been wrong. Ever. Watch.” She closed her eyes for a quick second then
“Us three will go to New York to help take care of your sick grandmother,” she said
“True!” said Alex.
“Attention passengers, we will be landing in New York in about one minute.”
“Okay, we are officially cool now,” said Holly with so much enthusiasm that she almost fell on top of Tara and Alex.
“Excuse me,” said Tara with mock sophistication, “but I was born cool, thank you very much. Then she broke into a fit of laughter.

Once they landed in New York and got to the right building, the girls immediately burst into Kristen‛s (Alex‛s grandmother) apartment and Alex went to go show Holly and Tara the extra rooms and finally Kristen‛s room.

“Er-hi grandma, how‛re you feeling?”
“Oh, I‛m fine dear, how‛re you?”
“I‛m great, we just got here,” said Alex
“Um, ‘we‛ dear?”
“Oh, uh, I kinda-sorta made two new friends on my trip here and er- they kinda- sorta got kicked out of their houses. Can they stay here, PLEASE!” asked Alex.
“Oh I don‛t see why not dear, but bring them in please I‛d like to see my new– oh, what do you call them? Roomies, yes.”