Chapter 1 Bored Forever
Until Millions and millions of years ago turtles had nothing to do. They just sat on the beach doing nothing. But one day a sea turtle popped out of the water and said “Why don’t you come visit us in Turtlelania?” Everybody started whispering and deciding what they were going to do and they said “YES”.

Chapter 2 Wait for Me
They were on their way to Turtlelania and something was on the beach. There were still twelve baby turtles that couldn’t swim, but jumped right on one turtle’s back so they survived. The turtles were so relieved. They made it because they were just 1 month old.

Chapter 3 Turtlelania!
One turtle said “We’re there!” The turtle said “We made it! It was so beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. Why were we stuck on that island when we could have been having fun?”

Chapter 4 We Need a Hotel!
When they finally got introduced to the rulers of Turtlelania they went off to find a hotel. The first hotel they went to was made out of coral so they decided to take it. The twelve baby turtles got scared because they weren’t really used to the place, so they all went out for some coral Froyo with some polyps on the top. The 12 baby turtles were happy now.

Chapter 5 Should We Move Here?
The turtles were having so much fun that one of them decided “Maybe we should move here!” Said the turtle, “It’s a really great place to be.” So they all decided to say yes! But they said “We have no turtle money.” Soon the guide came back with lots of bags, filled with clothes, 1,000 bucks, and even a free pass to the spa resort.

Chapter 6 Dinner Time!
When it was time for dinner they all went out for polyp spaghetti. Everybody hopped into a turtleline and zoomed off on their way to “Ocean Delight, where catering is awesome”. They arrived at Ocean Delight. Each turtle accessory was a penny each: They had teddy bears, Ocean Delight cups, bedspreads and even wash cloths. So they got to their table, ordered polyp spaghetti and the dessert of the week, crab cake. They also ordered 12 Ocean Delight cups for the 1 month old turtles.

Chapter 7 My Stomach Hurts
When they got finished eating everything, somebody said “My stomach hurts!” Then everybody said their stomachs hurt. So they went outside to get into the turtleline and noticed it was gone so they had to walk home with upset stomachs. When they got home, an invasion of jellyfish were destroying Turtlelania! Everybody was terrified.

Chapter 8 We Have No Home!
The next day everybody was worried. Then a crew of coral came and rebuilt everything and returned back to their reef. Everybody was happy again. The twelve baby turtles were happy now because they got a bigger house and they all got their own rooms.

Chapter 9 Ready for the First Day of School
The turtles woke the twelve baby turtles up to get ready for turtleschool, but they didn’t have to wake up because they already knew that it was today. They also were all packed up and ready to go. They checked their bags and they had crab scissors, coral pencils, water crayons, and everything else.

Chapter 10 Ready You Guys? Let’s Go!
So when they dropped them off at turtleschool the guardians had time for themselves. So they all went to “Soft Jelly’s” to get a soft chopped up jellyfish with crab sprinkles.

Chapter 11 They’re Out of School!
So the turtles got on the stingbus to go home, but one of the turtles didn’t get on the stingbus.

Chapter12 WhereisthatTurtle?
When the 11 Baby turtles arrived at home the guardian asked “Where is the twelfth baby turtle?” They all mumbled “I doooon’t knnooow.”

Chapter 13 There He Is
So they all went crazy! Then they all heard a knock on the door Everybody stopped. They opened the door and there was the twelfth baby turtle! They were so worried about him. They’d thought they’d never find him, so they grounded him for 1 week.

Chapter14 Let’sGoVisittheShore
In the afternoon someone said “Let’s go visit our home we grew up at.” So they all decided to go. They couldn’t waste anytime so they got packed up and got stingbus tickets.

Chapter15 Let’sGo!
So they got on the stingbus to go home. Then the rest of the way they stopped to get some crab in a box to go. So when they got to their stop they had to swim up to the shore.

Chapter16 We Made It,and There’s Grandma!
So when they landed on short, they saw Grandma and they noticed she was sinking into the sand. So they went to get Grandma ‘cause she was already too deep in the ground. They needed to get Papa, but it was too late because she was sunk down deep.

Chapter 17 Tunnel through the Sand
So when they skedaddle back in the water but they had to dig in the sand. So the baby turtles had to be close to an adult because they didn’t have any muscles or strength.

Chapter 18 Where’d the Sand Go?
The sand disappeared and they never went up to the shore again. Soon, they lived happily ever after.