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Dog, Stop!!
By Darren

I woke up with my dog licking my face. “ Really Thanos. Come on.” He is my first dog I’ve had. I like him but he is extra sometimes. Sometimes he just pees on the floor when he’s scared or excited. He gets in trouble for that. But I still like him. He gets on my nerves when I’m with him and he’s extra. When I take him for a walk, I grab his leash and take him outside. Then when it’s not even time for me to go in, I take him straight inside if he’s doing too much. I just sit down and watch TV. I don’t know what I’m watching, but I know it’s old.

One time, I fell asleep with my phone on the floor. I woke up with my dog licking my face. Thanos was in my face about to jump on the couch. “Really bru. Sit Down!” I said. He didn’t sit, but I let him slide.

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By Lillian P.

Today I’m going to be talking about color, but not just any color, I am talking about radium. Radium was discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie. Radium is a glowing luminous green, a color never seen before by anyone. Radium was used in many beauty products and other items, such as jewelry, medicine, toothpaste, water, and food. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century that we realized radium’s harmful effects.

Unfortunately, radium isn’t the only pigment that historically seemed harmless or useful but turned out to be deadly. Our story begins with white. As far back as the 4th century BCE, ancient Greeks treated lead to make a brilliant white pigment.

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The Bike Crash
By Safwan

Once upon a time, I was having a bike race with my friends in the middle of the night. Something happened to me which made me very cautious on other people’s bikes. It was very scary, and I thought I broke my leg. Thankfully, my knee was scraped, but still, I was in a lot of pain.

Here is how it happened: So, my friends and I were bike racing, and this one girl was smoking all my other friends. I wanted to end her winning streak. I got a green bike, and pedaled my fastest. I was winning. At the end of the race, I was nearing a fence. I pushed on the brakes and…… the chain broke! It was time for my drastic maneuvers. As I neared the curb, I jumped off my bike and rolled off the bike which was going at full speed. The bike crashed into the curb and flew into some sunflowers. The bike broke a sunflower. I was scared because the people who grew the flower took a long time. I was alright at the end.

Create-A-Book Student Blog

The Meme Book
By Mikey W.

Author note: because I am an original I decided that from now on “me” will be referred to as some1 plz accept this weird nickname I gave myself.

Some1:”what does life mean”

Some1:”time to google”

Learn to pronounce

  1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
    “the origins of life”
    existence, being, living, animation, aliveness, animateness; More
  2. the existence of an individual human being or animal.
    “a disaster that claimed the lives of 266 Americans”
    person, human being, individual, mortal, soul, creature
    “more than 1,500 lives were lost in the accident”

Some1 else: “I like chicken”

Some1: “wut”

Some1: “why did you call me to tell me this @ 3:00 am”
Some1 else: “Idk im bored and cause i wanted to”

Some1: “what the heck man”

Some1 else: “go hides in the closet”

some1 : “you know were on the phone right hiding in the closet won’t make a difference”

Some1 else: “I’m changing my name to some2 so they wont know its me. HE HE HE”

Some1:”I am hanging up bad-bye”

Some2: “wait wait wa”…………..

I hope u enjoyed and as always remember to breathe. -some1