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My Bike Life
By Lydia G.

The first time riding a bike was fun. I was having a bad time trying to learn how to ride a bike but my dad helped me learn how. I was trying to ride it but I couldn’t – I kept falling. but my dad came up and gave me a little push and I started to ride it. But I did not ride it for long because I still wasn’t entirely sure how to ride it.

I don’t ride my bike a lot because I moved into a new house and I left my bike at my grandma’s house. I got a new bike from Bike Works with my sister because the other one was old. When I was at my grandma’s house I was tiny so I could not ride well. I remember that I rode the bike a lot with my sister, Naomi. I also sometimes went to our driveway to ride my back up and down, and sometimes race my sister.

When I got my new bike it was way too big for me. I only wanted it because of how it looked. It was pink with flowers on it. Of course I could barely ride my bike because it was so big. Sometimes I would go and ride the bike to some place nearby with my mom and sister. I would always go the fastest because I love going fast and if I didn’t I would be bored unlike my family. My whole life I wasn’t really scared to get hurt so I was always ahead of everyone. I also learned how to do things quicker. The thing that I really liked about bikes is that I didn’t have to walk; I loved being on wheels instead of legs. My family didn’t ride a bike as much as I did. That was fine with me because I am very competitive and I always wanted to be at the top and if they weren’t riding their bike as much as me that meant I was kinda better than riding a bike than them.

One of my memories that I will always remember from Bike Works is when we took apart a bike and put it back together. The bike was tiny, not a huge bike. It was like a baby bike. If we did do a huge bike I’m pretty sure it would not be as fun because of all the stress. I took the bike apart with my sister and it was one of the most fun things that I have done at Bike Works.

Also at Bike works I remember making stories I made a story called “Bees”, My sister also made one her was called “The Magic Pumpkin”. Personally I think that my sister was better than mine.

I had a good time when I first got my bike. I had lots of fun riding it places!

We have added two new bike remote drop-off locations for your convenience.

You can now drop off donated bikes at:

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1703 S Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, MO 63144

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Create-A-Book student Blogs

My Big Bike Adventure in Soulard
By Miriam S.

When I first started my bike adventure, I felt so happy and proud! I had finished the class, and got my bike that we talked about every week in class!

My bike ride adventure was on the very last day of the class. The teachers took everybody that participated in the class on a bike ride. We first went to a playground that had a big parking lot. We rode our bikes around in it. My favorite part of my adventure was having bike races with my sister. It was fun because I won most of the time : ).

The playground had a mini rock climbing wall and lots of twisty, turny slides. After the racing, we played hide and seek (with and without our bikes). That was super fun, but also super hard, because as you would think, it’s hard to play hide and seek with lots of people and lots of bikes. Plus, there were not that many places to hide since it was a big open parking lot with a small playground in the corner. Everybody hid behind the playground and, like I said, it was a small playground, so everyone’s bikes were sticking out. After that we rode around the Soulard area, which has lots of historic homes and fancy places to eat. We also rode right past my friend’s house.

Our bike adventure was not over yet. We went to another playground to play on the swings and play tag. I was still wearing my helmet (which was a plain white helmet with a lot of stickers on it), which I am glad about because I tripped and hit my head, but thanks to my helmet, it did not hurt.

I still ride my bike all the time, unless my brother is using it, since he broke his. We’ll have to go to Bworks to get it fixed!

BWorks New Blog Class for Kids Coming Soon – BlogWorks


   Photo illustration by D. Doyle

I was one of those no-nonsense hard news reporters for a large southern paper who worked with typewriter, reporter’s notebook and big-leaded copy pencil for a decade before heading to grad school for a degree I hoped would pay better than in bylines.

Concise  just-the-documented-facts journalistic writing, born of limited “newsholes” on actual paper newsprint, is dying.  It is replaced by online journals written by enthusiastically untrained opinionists launching words into cyberspace on web logs or “blogs.” Yes, I bitterly miss my clacky manual typewriter.

“I DON’T WRITE A BLOG,” said a friend who wrote and edited big-circulation magazines but now writes and illustrates “I am an online journalist.” He was accurate with his facts behind is self-image. Much online is social pablum, not-so-sly self-promotion, and poorly conceived attempted trendiness.  It is rarely compelling writing with illustrations that draw the eye and the reader’s interest.

Blogs or online journals proliferate online with topics ranging from astrophysics to teddy bears to zymurgy. Whatever you choose to call them, they are an online fact of technological life.

BWorks is evolving, too.  We will soon offer classes to our kids on how to blog effectively, creating interesting copy and art that we hope will illuminate young minds. And maybe develop future online journalists who will set a new and higher standard for blogging?

More to follow from our less jaded kid bloggers!