Why We Need You.

Our mission is to increase the probability of positive life outcomes for “at-risk” youths in the Saint Louis area. This is accomplished by providing kids the incentive and opportunity to develop their academic, vocational, and social skills through our various programs: Earn-A-Bike program, Earn-A-Computer program, and our BookWorks reading and writing Create-A-Book program.

To accomplish this we need you. You can support our efforts in several ways: (1) donations of bicycles, bike parts, (2) donations of computers, computer or networking parts, and of course (3) your donation of money.

You can also make a donation of your time. We have volunteers that work in our bike shop refurbing donated bicycles, in our computer shop fixing up computers, and volunteers that donate their skills by helping with the teaching of one of our kids classes.

To begin supporting us right now through your monitary donation please visit the Bworks WePay Site by clicking here.