Starting January 1, BWorks will offer in-person classes specifically for youth who have proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least two weeks prior to their class starting.

With the widespread availability of vaccines for kids ages 5-15, our board and staff believe this is yet one more way to keep everyone safe.

To date, BWorks has taken multiple steps to reduce the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 inside our building including mask requirements, reducing class sizes, reducing numbers of volunteers in a given space, ventilating the building every hour, and proof of vaccination for key personnel to name a few. With these steps in place, we have seen zero transmission. With colder weather pushing folks inside, new variants, and holiday gatherings we are adding this new guideline so we may continue to fully operate. 

We strongly encourage you and your family, if not already vaccinated, to seek out more information about how easy and safe it is to get the vaccine: