-Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel & Aaron Lammer

A huge highlight over the past year has been the opportunity to connect with more volunteers again and see just how much we can accomplish as an organization thanks to their amazing work. It’s been great to see many familiar faces from before the pandemic more often again — and also some wonderful new folks!

Among the latter are Rachel and Aaron Lammer, who first heard about BWorks at Earth Day this past spring in Forest Park. Rachel signed up first, getting rolling helping with a Learn-To-Ride class, and then encouraged her husband to try it too. The duo have since helped with multiple Earn-A-Bike and Learn-To-Ride series in 2022. “I really enjoy helping the kids understand the way bikes work and seeing them have fun while learning to ride,” says Rachel. “It’s also a nice way to spend time together.” The Lammers moved to St. Louis in 2021 from Texas, along with their two dogs, Louis and Dingo, and two cats, Cowboy and Charlie. They spent several years coordinating volunteer animal clinics with Austin Pets Alive and San Antonio Pets Alive. Aaron works as an organic chemist, and Rachel is a digital product manager.

Thank you, Rachel and Aaron, for all your great recent work with our students!