bikerider-bwEarn-A-Bike • 6 two-hour Sessions

BWorks Earn-A-Bike program consists of six 2-hour classes that meet once a week over a six week period.  During the classes students learn the parts of the bicycle and their function, basic maintenance, bicycle safety & rules of the road, and more in a collaborative setting with lots of hands-on activities.  Each session ends with a group ride.  Each student who successfully completes the program receives a bicycle, helmet, light and lock.

Class 1: Get Started • Students will be learning the different bicycle parts, exploring and taking a bicycle apart, and getting to know each other.

  • About BWorks

  • Shop Rules & Respect

  • Tag the Bike! (Understanding Parts)

  • Basic Tools

  • Bike Puzzle! (Disassemble and reassemble a bike)

  • Helmet Fit

Class 2: Air • Students will learn the functions and components of bicycle tires. Hands on activities include working in pairs to change a tire and patch a tube.

  • Tire Talk

  • Street Search! (Spotting tire hazards)

  • Change a flat tire & patch a tube

Class 3: Safety • Bicycle safety is taught through discussion. Students then get on their feet and navigate through Bworks facility or out side using only hand signals to communicate.

  • Teamwork Tire Challenge! (using only one arm)

  • Rules of the road

  • Photo Hunt! (Spotting safety hazards)

  • Pick Your Bike!

Class 4: Brakes • Students will discuss the importance of brakes and learn the crucial adjustments that will keep the brakes on their bikes working. Then students get some hands on time practicing the brake adjustments they’ve just learned.

  • Brake cables & pads

  • Figure It Out! (Troubleshooting brakes)

  • ABC Safety Check

Class 5: ??? • What to say?


Class 6: Ready to Ride • The final day of class on which students are lead on a bike ride through the neighborhood with opportunities to observe and practice the safety and road rules that they have talked about in class. Prior to riding, students perform a safety check on their bicycle to be done every time they will ride.

  • Perform the ABC Safety Check

  • BicycleWorks Boot Camp! (Practice on bikes)

  • Neighborhood Ride