Since October of 2012, Quorey has been helping out in a multitude of ways. His background in computer diagnostics and his interest in bicycles as transportation led him to BWorks. In the computer shop he leads our volunteers in refurbishing computers for our students in Earn-A-Computer. Over the years he has overseen the refurbishing of thousands of computers. When he is not working to keep the computer shop running, you will find him helping in the retail shop, ensuring our customers find the perfect recycled bike.

Our amazing support staff!

Without support staff surrounding our teachers we would never be able to work with so many youth. Bworks support staff does everything from building computers or bicycles for our Earn and Learn programs, picking up donations of materials, building retail bicycles and even fundraising.

Paul can be found in our bicycle shop refurbishing all types of bicycles for our youth programs and retail shop. You will also find him dishing out puns as he helps move bicycles from our remote donation sites back to BWorks. He has been working in the bicycle industry for an amazing 40 years in various shops around the region. The expertise he brings to our shop and the bikes we build for so many kids is a huge asset.   

Emily is the newest member of the BWorks education team. Joining us as the COVID-19 pandemic surged demand for our programs, for the first year we never got to see the smile behind the mask. During the week, Emily works with St. Louis Public Schools as a first-grade teacher. On Saturdays she continues investing in the kids of St. Louis, providing instruction in both our Earn-A-Bike and Learn-To-Ride classes, while also lending a hand in our retail bike shop.

Tom has been teaching school-aged youth since 2012 in a local middle school. His love of bicycles and teaching students made him a natural fit to lead our Earn-A-Bike classes since 2017. You can find Tom at BWorks teaching most Tuesday and Thursday evenings, whether on the computer or bike side of our operations. His personal dedication to getting more kids on two wheels has allowed us to expand our highly in-demand Learn-To-Ride offerings.