Cole and Roman’s Adventure in Florida – Cole Franks

Cole and Roman’s Adventure in Florida
By Cole Franks

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved to go on adventures.  His name was Cole and he had a little brother named Roman.  Cole was the older brother and Roman the younger brother. Cole was 11 years old and Roman was 8 years old.  Roman loved to go on adventures with Cole. Cole and Roman lived with their mom in a big house in Florida.  They liked to go to the beach on the weekends, they loved to make sandcastles and swim in the ocean.  In the house, Cole and Roman played with toys and video games.  On weekdays, Cole and Roman went to school and they both did their homework as soon as they got home from school.  They did not like school, but they had to go because it wasn’t an option.  They had lots of friends and always brought the same lunch: 2 juices, a granola bar, 2 Gogurts, and chips.

One day at sunrise, Cole and Roman went to the park. As usual, Cole climbed up the slide and Roman swung on the monkey bars.  They also climbed trees as a hobby.  They like to go at sunrise because their mom always said, “The early bird catches the worm’’ and they were early birds.  That day, Cole found a treasure map in their attic.  It seemed that the treasure map lead to the beach.  So, Cole and Roman went out to find the treasure.  But before they could go, they had to get some gear.  They got snacks, binoculars, and a metal detector.  Then they went off on their adventure to find the buried treasure.

The first step on the map said: “To find your way look for a key to unlock the door before the…’’ Cole looked around and around, but couldn’t find anything.  But, Roman found something sparkling in the grass.  It was the key! Roman grabbed the key and unlocked the door.  Then, they came across another clue it said, “Animals, animals here and there.  Find the hare that has the key so you can unlock the door over there”.  “What should we do now Cole?!” Roman asked. “We try to find the hare,” Cole said. “How?” Roman asked.  “We lure it out with carrots,” Cole explained.  Two minutes later, Roman said, “There it is Cole!!” Cole replied, “Shhh! Be quiet, Roman.  Now on three.  One, two, THREE!!!”  Roman grabbed the hare.  “Now get the key Cole!!!” Cole then grabbed the key. “Yes now we can move on.” Roman said cheerfully “I’ll go unlock the door,”  Roman said. Roman then unlocked the door. Cole and Roman arrived at the
Everglades awaiting their next task.

Soon, they found a man who told them he would help find a special key for them.  So they took a ride on the speedboat and started to feed marshmallows to the alligators.  One of the alligators ended up burping out a key to the next door.  But, before they could leave, they fed the alligators more marshmallows.  Cole unlocked the door to the next final area which led to the beach. As soon as they got there, fireworks filled the air and there were tons of people waiting to celebrate their award for completing the adventure.  It turned out that their mom planned the whole thing from the start. So, they all partied all night and then went home.

The End

Bees – Lydia Griffith


By Lydia Griffith

There was a boy named Tim.  Tim was very nice.  He was nice because he helped his mom and dad.  He helped his friends too.  He also liked to clean.  One day he had to go to his friend’s house.

His friend’s name was Mimi.  Mimi and Tim went to the basement and they saw a swarm of bees!  They had to take the bees out.  But, the next day the bees came back again!  And they had to take them out AGAIN.

Every day they took the bees out and they came right back.

So Tim and Mimi decided to find out why the bees kept coming.  They went downstairs and saw the bees.  And they both realized why the bees kept coming: because they kept leaving the window open!

The End

The Shadow Man – Xavia’s Story

The Shadow Man

by Xavia

As me and my sister walked down the street we saw a very mean and upset looking man. Good thing he did not us. “What is he doing? Why is he screaming” said Liz. “It sounds like he is saying the Shadow Man.” .. Click to open The Shadow Man as a PDF.

TURTLELANIA! – Maline’s Story

By Maline

Chapter 1 Bored Forever Until …

Millions and millions of years ago turtles had nothing to do. They just sat on the beach doing nothing. But one day a sea turtle popped out of the water and said “Why don’t you come visit us in Turtlelania?” … Click here to open the complete story in PDF.