Upcoming Classes and Registration for BWorks

Earn-a-bike (EAB) is our 6-week hands-on course for students ages 8-17 who can ride a bike on their own where students learn bike maintenance and safety. Students earn a refurbished bike, lock, and helmet upon the completion of the course.

Earn-a-computer (EAC) is our 6-week course for students ages 8-17. Students work on learning various pieces of open source software and one day of hardware during class. Students earn a refurbished computer upon completion of the course.

Learn-to-ride (LTR) is our 8-week course for students who cannot ride a bike. They cover the same materials as Earn-a-Bike and also earn a bike, but in addition – they learn to ride a bike. Learn-to-ride is offered to students on our Program Mailing List. You must sign up for this list if you would like your child to take this course.

Blog Works is an 8-week writing course; children will write and publish blog entries as part of this course.


BWorks is currently enrolling students only for our online Earn A Computer OR Earn A Bike program due to the covid19 lockdown. With this adaptation of our normal class, students can continue to take this program and earn a computer or bike.


Earn-a-Bike Saturdays (4/24-5/22) from 10-11am.

Earn-a-Bike Tuesdays (4/27-5/25) from 5-6 pm.  

Earn-a-Bike Thursdays (5/6-6/3) from 5:30-6:30 pm.


Earn-a-Computer Thursday (5/13-6/10) from 7 – 8 pm

Earn-a-Computer Tuesdays (5/18-6/15) from 6:30-7:30 pm

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