In an effort to limit our exposure, BWorks is suspending ALL youth programs. We will reevaluate these actions the week of 3/30 and will have a follow-up response by 4/6.

Upcoming Classes and Registration for BWorks

Please scroll down to see a basic outline of each class and upcoming dates. You can also sign up for our waitlist to be notified about future classes as we release them. Program Mailing List.

Earn-A-Computer (EAC) is our 6-week hands-on computer course for students ages 8-17. This class covers computer and internet safety, Word processing, creating presentations, computer programming, and more. Students earn a refurbished Linux computer upon completion of the course.

Earn-a-bike (EAB) is our 6-week hands-on course for students ages 8-17 who can ride a bike on their own where students learn bike maintenance and safety. Students earn a refurbished bike, lock, and helmet upon the completion of the course.

Learn-to-ride (LTR) is our 8-week course for students who cannot ride a bike. They cover the same materials as Earn-a-Bike and also earn a bike, but in addition – they learn to ride a bike. Learn-to-ride is offered to students on our Program Mailing List. You must sign up for this list if you would like your child to take this course. Our next class will start up in March/April of 2020.

Blog Works is an 8-week writing course; children will write and publish blog entries as part of this course.



Earn-A-Bike Class Thursday 6 – 8 pm April 9 – May 14

Earn-a-Computer Thursdays, 6-7:30 pm April 2nd to May 7

Earn-a-Computer Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm April 7th to May 12


Earn-a-Computer Saturdays 12:30-2 pm May 2 to June 6