Helping St. Louis children discover their potential since 1988.

Our Mission – St. Louis BWorks inspires youth to pursue their dreams, care for the world around them, and explore new possibilities through experiential learning.

Five core values accompany the mission statement and help guide the organization’s approach to its programs and people, its reach across the St. Louis region and its focus on the next generation:

  1. Community: Bringing together diverse people from across the metro area, BWorks fosters empathy, friendship and personal investment in one another’s welfare;
  2. Sustainability: Concern for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants impacts the organization’s curricular emphases as well as its daily operations;
  3. Literacy: Recognizing the power that knowledge brings, BWorks focuses on helping children and teens develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives;
  4. Service: An infectious appreciation for volunteers fills the organization and strengthens both BWorks itself and the entire St. Louis region as people of all ages find ways to help; and
  5. Enjoyment: Frequently associated with fun, excitement and even a sense of magic, BWorks seeks to delight and enrich the lives of young people and everyone involved in the organization.

Our charter program, St. Louis Bicycle Works, gives kids the chance to earn a free bike while they learn about bicycle safety and maintenance from our volunteers. They learn to work independently and as a group to solve problems. About 350 kids graduate from the program every year, earning their own bike, helmet, light and lock. St. Louis Bicycle Works also features a bike shop, where anyone can purchase a fully refurbished bike.  We also sell new and vintage parts that fit a wide variety of bicycles.  We do not sell kids bikes or parts for kids bikes. All proceeds benefitting St. Louis BWorks programs.

In 1996, we introduced St. Louis Byte Works, through which children can earn a complete desktop computer system. The six-week course gives them the technical skills they need to use and maintain it, all while seeing first-hand the true power of responsibility and commitment.

St. Louis Book Works was founded in 2011 to promote verbal, visual and cultural literacy through creative expression. Young people in the program work with volunteer editors to write and illustrate their own books.

At the end of each program, our youth have a real, tangible reward for their commitment — along with skills they can use for a lifetime. Many kids who participate in the program stay involved long after graduation, working side-by-side with adult volunteers to help the young people in their community.

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