2015 Green House Festival – Saturday, June 20 at the Butterfly House in Faust Park

2015 Green Home Festival – Saturday, June 20 at the Butterfly House

2015ghlogo_wdateHelp your family live green! Join us for a hands-on, day-long festival of learning, playing, and engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds with an interest in sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Explore the links between sustainability, energy efficiency, conservation at home and a healthy environment. Talk with green product and service exhibitors, learning more about home improvement and healthy homes.

The Festival features and highlights local foods and spirits, live music and sustainable and handmade shopping at a Green Marketplace. Children and families can enjoy hands-on activities. Presentations and demonstrations throughout the day share the many ways that plants, air, water, soil and energy sustain our homes, our health and our living Earth.

For more information visit the Missouri Botanical Garden website.