Where Do Our Students Come From – Everywhere!

Where Do Our Student Come From – Everywhere!

mapWe have just completed plotting the location of each student who participated in one or more of our class programs over the past 12 months, these classes include BikeWorks’ Earn-A-Bike, BookWorks’ Create-A-Book, and ByteWorks’ Earn-A-Computer.

These classes are available at no cost at the BWorks home location at 2414 Menard in Soulard as well as a number of off-site remote locations indicated by the orange flags.

Each student is indicated by a pin and the off-site remote locations for our programs by a flag – the data is between February of 2015 and February of 2016.

We also appreciate all those of you who have supported BWorks and our kids programs through your donations and time.

Thanks – BWorks Staff, Volunteers and Students.