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My Bike Life
By Lydia G.

The first time riding a bike was fun. I was having a bad time trying to learn how to ride a bike but my dad helped me learn how. I was trying to ride it but I couldn’t – I kept falling. but my dad came up and gave me a little push and I started to ride it. But I did not ride it for long because I still wasn’t entirely sure how to ride it.

I don’t ride my bike a lot because I moved into a new house and I left my bike at my grandma’s house. I got a new bike from Bike Works with my sister because the other one was old. When I was at my grandma’s house I was tiny so I could not ride well. I remember that I rode the bike a lot with my sister, Naomi. I also sometimes went to our driveway to ride my back up and down, and sometimes race my sister.

When I got my new bike it was way too big for me. I only wanted it because of how it looked. It was pink with flowers on it. Of course I could barely ride my bike because it was so big. Sometimes I would go and ride the bike to some place nearby with my mom and sister. I would always go the fastest because I love going fast and if I didn’t I would be bored unlike my family. My whole life I wasn’t really scared to get hurt so I was always ahead of everyone. I also learned how to do things quicker. The thing that I really liked about bikes is that I didn’t have to walk; I loved being on wheels instead of legs. My family didn’t ride a bike as much as I did. That was fine with me because I am very competitive and I always wanted to be at the top and if they weren’t riding their bike as much as me that meant I was kinda better than riding a bike than them.

One of my memories that I will always remember from Bike Works is when we took apart a bike and put it back together. The bike was tiny, not a huge bike. It was like a baby bike. If we did do a huge bike I’m pretty sure it would not be as fun because of all the stress. I took the bike apart with my sister and it was one of the most fun things that I have done at Bike Works.

Also at Bike works I remember making stories I made a story called “Bees”, My sister also made one her was called “The Magic Pumpkin”. Personally I think that my sister was better than mine.

I had a good time when I first got my bike. I had lots of fun riding it places!