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Bike Adventures
By Naomi G.

I remember the excitement of getting the training wheels taken off the bike. I loved the feeling of being able to move to the next level: The big-kid level in my brain. I remember being a little wobbly at first, but I eventually got the hang of it after a couple tries, meaning like five or six tries. It got better each time though. It felt like I actually had a sense of freedom and independence without those training wheels slowing me down now. I was so happy the day I got to take the training wheels off. One, I felt like big kid, two, I would get to go faster, which is what I really wanted to do, and, three, I could learn a new way of pretty fast transportation to different places like cafes and parks.

I remember riding around the lake and over a bridge in the park. specifically Benton Park. I honestly rode everywhere I could in the park until I got the hang of it fully and then got tired. But I think we would’ve all done that if we had just gotten the hang of riding the bike without the training wheels for the first few times.

There are actually multiple bike stories I remember of me learning how to go fast, pull the brakes, and stand up on it. The first time I stood up on the bike I yelled to one of my parents with joy, saying “I finally got it!” When you stand up on a bike, it feels kind of like you’re flying a little bit. I have so many memories of weaving in and out of the playground equipment and going down big hills.

Some other very important memories I have of riding my bike are when my sister and I used to practice riding in my grammy’s driveway. We would sometimes race each other. I would win some, then she would win some, then she would lose some, and i would lose some.

I don’t have many other memories of bike rides past eleven years old, but all of the times i practiced and rode was a good time. All of my memories and stories consist of fails and practicing until it’s perfect. But I think that is what we would all do if we had a hobby that we liked. All of my memories and stories consist of fails and practicing until it’s perfect.