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My Adventure on My Bworks Bike
By: Troy W.

My brother Cole and I did the Bikeworks program. Bworks is a nonprofit organization that teaches kids different things like in my bike class. I did it with my brother and at the end we each got a free bike. We love our bikes and ride them a lot.

This was our first trip to somewhere else besides my ally or my backyard. My dad took me, my brother, and my sister out on a bike trail about a year ago. There were two trails: a half-mile trail and a five-mile trail. I wanted to do the five-mile trail but I had to stay with my parents who were on the shorter route and stayed close to my sister. Cole rode ahead with me. I crashed a few times. It was pretty funny. It was only funny because of how I fell. I would fall over the front of my bars.

Cole laughed and helped me up off the trail. We kept riding through the 105 degree weather. I was going so fast and getting so much moving air from my speed over three- to five- foot jumps off of ramps made from fallen trees and sloped rocks that I wasn’t hot at all. But my whole family was dying from the heat. By the time we got to the end of the trail there were maybe four cars left out of like 38 cars that were there when we started our ride. They all left because of the heat. I begged my dad to let me go on the five-mile trail. He said no, and we left. We went to QT, and I ended up getting a pepperoni pizza and a Mountain Dew.