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Volunteer extraordinaire Tim Quinn refurbishes 100 bikes in a single year

For more than 10 years now, BWorks volunteer Tim Quinn has been helping out in big ways in our bike shop. And in 2020, when the pandemic hit and our operations temporarily took a major shift, he began taking bikes to his home to help keep the work — and our amazing students — rolling on two wheels.

“Slowly, I acquired tools and a stand until I had my own little bike shop in the basement,” Tim says. “It’s nice to go down, turn on Spotify and work on bikes.”

His wife soon suggested he start keeping track of the many bikes he was refurbishing on behalf of BWorks. She gave him a calendar to start cataloging the bikes.

“Two years ago, the number {for that year alone] was 91 which pushed me to see if I could reach 100 this year,” Tim explains.

Earlier this month, Tim did just that, returning his 100th refurbished bike to the shop, where it will soon find an eager new owner. BWorks has had more than 500 children and teens graduate from Earn-A-Bike, Learn-To-Ride and Earn-A-Computer so far in 2023, and so the need for wonderful sets of wheels is an ongoing one.

Donated bikes come to BWorks in all sorts of states. Each of these machines gets a full going-over by our skilled mechanical team. But as Tim knows so well, some require a lot more work than others.

“The bikes I like the best are the ones that [computer shop manager and BWorks jack of all trades] Quorey refers to as those that need a lot of love,” Tim says.

He’s always up for a challenge, and the whole team is continually impressed by how beautiful each bike Tim works on looks when it returns to BWorks ready to ride.

“I’ve learned a lot from the staff and volunteers at BWorks,” Tim says. “The people I’ve met are genuinely good people. Shout out to MIke, Quorey, Patrick, John and Paul, who have taught me a lot and have become good friends. I’ve learned much and I know I’m not the best bike mechanic but I think I can claim bike detailing, making them look nice as my superpower.  Thanks, BWorks, for all you’ve given me.”

At this holiday season, we want to express our deep gratitude to Tim and all of our incredibly devoted volunteers. You amaze us every day.

BWorks Trivia Night is BACK!

Join St. Louis BWorks for a night of fun with our semi-annual Trivia Fundraiser. All proceeds support Bworks’ unique programming. Tables seat 8-10 participants: split the cost with your brainiest friends! Entry includes free beer. You must be 21+ to attend.

Date: Friday, January 26th, 7-10pm

Location: German Cultural Society 3652 S. Jefferson Ave, STL MO 63118

Cost: $300 for a table (seats 8-10) Tables can be reserved here.


  • Limited to 28 tables
  • Free beer with tickets (2 per person)
  • Must be 21+ to attend
  • BYO snacks/food
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Ample parking in the back of the building
  • Friends!
  • Fun!

Farewell to 2023

As we say farewell to another remarkable year, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together. 

We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has contributed to our cause. Your unwavering support, dedication, and passion have been the driving force behind the positive changes we’ve been able to achieve in the past twelve months.

Together we’ve been able to increase our student reach — with almost 40% more classes this year!  We have served 71 different groups of children and teens through Earn-A-Bike, Learn-To-Ride and Earn-A-Computer. With 23 of these free, in-depth courses taking place at partner locations, BWorks made important new connections in numerous neighborhoods around the bi-state region. 

These successes are not just statistics; they represent enriched lives, strengthened communities, and brighter futures. We continue to be dedicated to not only reaching more of our fellow citizens but also deepening our engagement to create enduring positive change. 

I continue to be impressed by our amazing volunteers and staff who daily go above and beyond for our families, be it providing more practice outside of class time, building adaptive equipment for kids with unique challenges, refining and expanding our curricula and more.

As we grow, maintaining our core values that define us becomes paramount. Growth should be a means to amplify our impact, not dilute the essence of who we are.  Preserving the spirit of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability that has been the foundation of BWorks is essential as we navigate the path forward. 

The coming year holds exciting possibilities, and we are confident that, with your continued support, we will reach even greater heights.

Thank you for being an integral part of our BWorks family. Together, we are making a real and lasting difference in St. Louis and the world.

With heartfelt gratitude,


West End Community Center, a home for youth nonprofits.   

In 2025, the West End Community Center building will turn 100 years old. Within those 100 years, it hosted multi-cultural dances and cross-denominational partnerships in the 1930s. In the fifties, it housed St. Louis City’s first interracial arts center — People’s Art Center. More recently, the site was home to the Demetrious Johnson Foundation, hosting a myriad of community events and youth programs. Throughout its rich history, it has been a staple of the community, providing  enrichment to thousands of St. Louis residents.

The now empty halls echo with a century worth of stories, contributions, memories and positive impacts. The ballroom has seen weddings, parties, theater and community events of every shape and size. Its gym has had tens of thousands of residents step foot on its floor for formative experiences ranging from dances to sporting events. The classrooms once were a hub of skill building and educational growth for all of St. Louis’ residents regardless of their age, race or faith.   

As BWorks looks for a new home, we’ve started to evaluate the feasibility of spurring a rebirth of this now-empty city-owned cultural gem. This is an ambitious yet worthy dream: to create a shared space focused on empowering St. Louis’ children and teens through youth nonprofits.

This is a large project. But every big dream starts somewhere, and we believe our team and other youth nonprofits can rise to this challenge, especially if our city leaders walk alongside us.

Currently, this significant property is gathering dust. And right now, many of our youth are encountering new challenges and risks in our post-pandemic world. We could do big things at this location, and we are on a quest for the right partners to join us.

If this dream is something you are interested in helping make happen, please reach out to Let’s work together and do big, impactful things for St. Louis’ young people! Surely there is no better investment for our city to make than one that will have long-term positive effects on their lives.